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Comprehensive 28 Point Service

Recommended every 6,000 miles

Servicing and Recovery recommend the Interim Service every 6,000 miles to keep your vehicle running safe and efficiently. We especially recommend this for people who do short distance driving regularly.

Our Interim Services uses OEM Quality / Approved Parts and we only use Fully Synthetic Shell Engine Oil at the grade recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. We are able to use other specific oils if requested in good time prior to your booking but a fee may be payable, which will be confirmed prior to your booking.

Our Interim Service is a 28 point check which will include your Battery, Brakes, Exhaust, Suspension & Steering and the condition of your Tyres all reported. Your Engine Oil is replaced along with the Oil Filter and we will also top up all Fluids under the bonnet!

To get your price today for an Interim Service, simply enter your Registration into the booking form on the right and select which service you would like. Then follow the steps to book in, choose your date and we will take care of the rest for you.

Servicing Checklist / Comparison

Interim Service Full Service Major Service
Horn Operation
Operation of Washers & Wipers (Condition)
Check Obligatory Mirrors
Check Internal Lights
Check External Lights
Operation of A/C, Cooling, Heating
Check Vehicle Warning Lights
Check Operation of Doors
Check Operation of Seat Belts (Condition)
Check Bodywork & Trim (Damage/Missing)
Check Fuel Cap

Interim Service Full Service Major Service
Report Timing Belt Interval
Check & Report Antifreeze Condition
Check & Report Brake Fluid Condition
Check & Report Power Steering Fluid Condition
Check Battery Condition/Security
Check & Report Cooling System
Check & Report Alternator Output
Check Engine Breather System
Check Engine Vacuum Pipes
Visual Check for Leaks
Check Throttle Body
Check Auxiliary Belts

Interim Service Full Service Major Service
Check Wheel Condition
Check Tyre Condition / Pressure (inc spare)
Visual Alignment Check
Check Condition of Wheel Bearings
Remove Wheels
Brake Inspection
Check & Report Steering Joints
Check & Report Suspension Joints
Check & Report Suspension System
Check Driveline Parts
Check & Report Exhaust System
Check & Report Hoses/Pipes
Check & Report Underside Condition
Report Oil Leaks
Report Undertray Condition

Interim Service Full Service Major Service
Replace Engine Oil (Shell Ultra Professional)
Replace Engine Oil Filter
Replace Air Filter
Check Air Filter
Replace Fuel Filter
Inspect Fuel Filter
Replace Spark Plugs
Inspect Spark Plugs
Replace Cabin Filter
Inspect Cabin Filter
Top Up Washer Fluid
Top Up Power Steering Fluid
Top Up Anti Freeze / Coolant
Top Up Transmission Fluid Levels (Manual Only)
Lubricate Door Hinges / Latches
Full Diagnostic Scan
Torque Wheels

Interim Service Full Service Major Service
Road Test (Report Any Findings)
Re-check Engine Oil Level
Upholstery, Gear Lever, Steering Wheel Clean
Reset Service Indicator*
Stamp Service Book**
Location of Locking Wheel Nut

* We will attempt to reset the service indicator on your vehicle, although a small percentage some vehicles require different types of software to reset which we may not have available.
** We will stamp your service book if one is provided, some vehicles now have online service history, if we have an account with that manufacturer we will be able to update it.